Friday, December 4, 2009

Shattner Interview: Rush Proves the Conservative Emotional Disconnect is Real, Horrifying. Confuses "Want" with "Need."

William Shatner's "Raw" featured Rush at his most pompous best. He really is an SOB.

Shatner immediately dispels the Republican myth that Democrats don't share the same feelings about a free society and fiscal discipline as they do. It needed to be said, finally! In one exchange, Shatner says, "Everybody wants the principals you're exposing." But Rush is a reality denier, and flatly states "No they don't." The "up is down" leap of logic has never been more exposed.

But it doesn't stop there. Even more revealing:

Shatner: "If you have money, you're gonna get health care. If you don't have money, it's more difficult."

Rush: "If you have money, you're going to get a house on the beach., if you don't have money you're going to live in a bungalow."

Shatner: "But we're talking about health care."

Rush: "What's the difference?"

Shatner: "The difference is we're talking about health care, not a house or a bungalow."

Rush: "No, you're assuming there is some morally superior aspect to health care, than there is to a house and a bungalow."

Shatner: "Isn't it valid, that the health care system today is breaking the country?"

Rush: "No. I don't believe it is."

Nothing demonstrates the moral, logical and ideological disfunction of the conservative mind set than this short exchange between Shatner and Limbaugh.


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