Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Republicans say Conservative Activist Judges are better than Liberal Activist Judges.

Republican have no shame. Let's take a look at their hypocritical stand on judicial activism and the disturbing silence by the media and Democrats .

First, didn’t we have impartial judges once upon a time? Second, why are we supposed to assume conservative activist judges are better than liberal activist judges?

The Republican point is, once you accept the idea that everyone is a strict partisan, activism is no longer a problem. 

That's when you get what Sen. John McCain puked out of his face hole the other day:
McCain pledged that Senate Republicans would unite against any Supreme Court nominee that a hypothetical President Clinton would try to get confirmed. "I promise you that we will, we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton — if she were president — would put up. This is why we need the majority." 
Yea, if only Republicans had a one party system where they could ignore everyone else and politically poison everything, including the judicial branch. That would bring us back to where the founding fathers hoped we'd be as a nation. Imagine if there were two or three justices openings?

In an LA Times opinion "GOP obstructionism gone haywire: No new Supreme Court justices until the next Republican president?" they offered this:
"...it also could backfire by giving the next president an even freer hand in shaping the Supreme Court. Some might call that poetic justice."
Even scarier, the idea that a complete narcissist sociopath would be praised for his own choices for the court…oh, never mind:
Trump has earned praise from some conservatives for floating roughly 20 names, including Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), as potential Supreme Court nominees should he win the White House. 
Yup, Sen. Mike Lee. Why? Holy crap, look at his credentials:

1. He wants to do away with the 14th and 17th Amendment.

3. Federal Disaster Relief and FEMA should be deemed unconstitutional.

4. Social Security should be unconstitutional.

5. The Violence Against Women Act is also unconstitutional. 

6. Medicare and Medicaid are unconstitutional.

10. Sen. Lee had a minister claim Obama needed to put down his Koran and “come up with his hands out” in surrender to them.

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