Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Trump's freeloading hurts Veterans & U.S. Jobs!

You've heard over and over; "Trump voters minds will never change." That should be shocking...but isn't.

Republicans say that they support businesses, even when the life blood of economy - small businesses - get stiffed when millionaire developers declare bankruptcy. While developers lessen or eliminate their tax obligations, small businesses, local contracting entrepreneurs and their employees either go out of business or struggle for years trying to cover their losses. It's also a supposed GOP no-no; the job killer. Throw in the GOP's supposed support for our troops...

Trump the Freeloader? Who pays for our Roads, Schools, and Military? Trump paid no taxes after losing nearly a billion dollars in one year. What a "genius?" It may have resulted in Trump paying no federal taxes for years. But that's the rub, as explained by MSNBC's Steve Benen:
Trump has spent years complaining incessantly about the burden of paying taxes, while also complaining that others aren’t paying enough. For that matter, it’s been Republican orthodoxy in recent years that Americans who don’t pay income taxes are parasitic slackers (see Paul Ryan’s “makers vs. takers” framing and Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” video). What we didn’t know is that the GOP nominee might very well fit into the same category.

Making matters worse, Trump’s claim to fame is his alleged business acumen. How, then, does a half-way competent entrepreneur – and casino owner – lose $916 million in a booming economy? How is that even possible?
While surveys show those in the military overwhelmingly support Trump, despite trashing Gold Star families and prisoners of war, at least one Marine is challenging Trump:
Peter Kiernan, former U.S. Marine, and founder of the Ivy League Veterans Council, talked with Rachel Maddow about his crowdfunding project that would donate millions to veterans charities if Donald Trump makes his taxes public.
Couldn't Have Said it Better: Peter Kiernan accused Trump of free-riding, not supporting the public services we all depend on, while those making a lot less end up paying the bills:


  1. You are completely delusional. Trump employs thousands of people, has created thousands of jobs, creates value in real estate and products, and has paid millions in taxes.

    Hillary has created nothing, worked for an unproductive entity her entire life, destroyed sovereign nations, murdered many to get ahead and cover up her tracks. Her list of crimes is endless. And if anyone is the freeloader, it is her.

    What you don't obviously know anything about is the difference between chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is a restructuring that occurs that SAVES jobs! and chapter 7 bankruptcy that usually gets dumped on the taxpayer.

    Sometimes listening can help you understand. You should try it a lot more often.

  2. I posted your comment to show how sick the right wing has become, and how their alternative media has replaced all sources of information. It's not enough to advocate for an authoritarian one Party system. The hate, extremism, and anti-American agenda is just another way to convince others to change what we once believed to be simple truths laid out by the founders. The Constitution has been replaced by bumper sticker that reads "freedom & liberty."

  3. Like you know anything about the Constitution.

    Try reading it sometime.