Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trumps ignorance and mocking of election something Justice David Souter warned us about 4 years ago.

What an arrogant ass**le.

It's actually funny to see the tea party low information-hard core-conservatives base fall all over themselves to support a snarky arrogant big talking East Coast New Yorker. Think about it.

Keeping Americans in suspense over "will he or won't he" accept the election results is the most juvenile dumb anti-American comment by this narcissistic sociopath:

I think Michelle Obama got it right.................

This is so where Republicans are today, mocking the representative democracy they claim they want to defend with a revolution and guns. To top it all off, Trump even felt like getting a little press with this sarcastic "joke:"

Of course putting Breitbart's Steve Bannon and Citizens United David Bossie in charge was scary enough, but Info Wars' Alex Jones? Here's Clinton's campaign ad:

Rachel Maddow came across this amazing clip of former Justice David Souter warning us that a guy like Trump was his biggest worry. Unsettling and incredibly accurate:

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