Sunday, October 9, 2016

They Own Trump: Ryan, Walker, Johnson vs the Crowd waiting to see Trump.

There's more going on than Walker, Johnson and Ryan hoping to dupe Trump into doing whatever they want once he becomes president.

It's the Voters Stupid..or It's the Stupid Voters: What in gods name will it take to get through to these hard core Trumpsters? In the video clips below, it's a bit ironic that the only interviews were with women who didn't give damn about what Trump said 11 years back. 

The embarrassing antics of far-right-wingnut AG Brad Schimel continued with his little speech to the crowd in Elknorn Wisconsin, explaining why he'd throw the country and entire world into chaos; the next Supreme Court Justice:
Schimel: "I know that Donald Trump said some things that are bad. But...but, Donald Trump will appoint judges who will defend out Constitution and respect our Constitution."
Really? Trump's temperament and insulting comments don't exactly scream respect. Is Schimel even aware of Trump's call to bring back the unconstitutional "stop and frisk" policy? To Schimel, when it comes to appointing a supreme court justice, suddenly Trump will make a sane decision?

Who's asking for Respect? And after Trump's outrageous comments about grabbing women, Rep. James Sensenbrenner had the nerve to tell the crowd THEY weren't being respectful. You can't make this stuff up:
Sensenbrenner: "We're asking people to be respectful in this campaign, there's an awful lot of lack of that. Clean up your act okay?"

Check out the coverage video below and comments:

Fox6: "They turned their back on him," said Evan Barczynski, Trump supporter.

"The Republican Party needs to grow a spine and stand behind their candidate. We won't leave anybody behind," said Kim Kubena, Trump supporter."We've got a real problems here and the problem isn't what Donald Trump said about women."

"Eleven years ago, I wasn't the woman I am today," said Mary Rhame, Trump supporter.
WISN:The die-hard Trump supporters in the crowd, largely brushed aside the candidate's latest controversy.
“I've heard worse things than that. (It was) something he said bragging to his buddies a long time ago,” Janet Becker said.

“(I am) disappointed in (his) past behavior, but I have not given up on him. That's not why I am voting for him, because he's a pinnacle of virtue,” Adele Kehoe said.

“It's locker room talk. It's locker room talk. Is it damning? It could be,” Ken Meudt said.
WISC: Attorney General Brad Schimel is getting heckled for criticizing lewd and sexually charged comments made by Donald Trump in 2005. Schimel said: 
"I know Donald Trump has said some things that are bad." That led to yelling from the crowd of Trump backers. One person shouted, "It was 12 years ago! Get over it!"

Schimel said he supports Trump because he "will appoint judges who will defend our Constitution and respect our Constitution."

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  1. I have no idea why the Wisconsin voters are so out of touch with reality. We have become the poster children for stupidity. If it don't involve the Packers, hunting, fishing, drinking, or eating out we are clueless.

    What will it take to get us to be responsible citizens? Good god this state elected Scott Walker three times, and to prove our point of ignorance, replaced Feingold with Johnson

    This election is far too important to form our opinions based on what the pundits say. We need to research the facts for ourselves. With the Internet this is not difficult to do.