Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Anti-White Clinton win dirtiest trick & fraud, "then there will be war."

Here's hoping the U.S. and the world will have dodged a bullet, when Trump loses the election.

We're not out of the woods yet though.

We're now being threatened by the alt-right, or what used to be the Republican Party. There's an alt-right way of thinking and writing that is unmistakable; word salad run-on sentences and comically snarky terms, like "shitlib."

Their scary, foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid hatred for a country "they'll make great again," starts at the ballot box. It's not their bad ideas keeping them out of office, it's voter fraud.

Or maybe it's their odd way of convincing people. Apparently the "Trump effect" set in motion a rage we haven't seen since the Civil War:
right now: Between the laughably unbelievable polls showing Sick Hillary leading Trump, despite the fact that she can barely fill a high school gymnasium while he draws thousands to every rally, and the extreme hubris and arrogance of the cuckservative/shitlib globalist coalition, it’s safe to assume they have one last fail safe trick at the ready to prevent a Trump presidency. My best guess is election fraud

These people are not acting like hopeful candidates with something to lose–they’re acting like smug managerialists who know they already have it in the bag, whatever the American voter decides in November

Radical Alt-Republican Revolt: What these supposed rugged individuals need is an authoritarian dictator? Funny how every one of these "freedom and liberty" loving" constitutionalists, feel only they are entitled to run the country? And of course they're not racist or misogynist... 

If the anti-White globohomo bezosian ruling class and their media shills are so stupid to heft clit lickin’ clinton first across the finish line by resorting to the dirtiest of tricks — outright election fraud — then there will be war.

Not the op-ed rhetorical war favored by pansy liberals.

Real war.



Dead bodies.


My advice to the leftoid equalism hate machine and the cowardly traitorous GOPe cucks: think twice about this road you’re going down. It doesn’t end well for you.
In the comments section, I found a similar comment, from another entitled alt-right loony-toon that must be a laugh riot at a family get together:
Sigma K: I have told family and friends that if they vote for thecunt (whether it wins or not) I will no longer make myself available to them in anyway except to go to there funerals and have a long piss in the casket.

I have some idiots in the family that voted gay mulatto (white guilt…) and every year I pay my health care liberty tax I berate them and shame them. I warned them back in 2008 I would give them hell for there poor judgment every time homomuzzie does something to harm my business or my person and I have stuck to my promise.

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