Friday, October 28, 2016

Wisconsin Solicitor General warns repealing unconstitutional Voter ID laws may make voters lose confidence in Elections.

Even after all the safe guards were put in place with photo ID's, Scott Walker's infallible way to protect the integrity and confidence in our elections, we're finding out now that Trump still thinks the elections are "rigged." Here come the poll watchers. 

Republicans aren't done yet with "reform" and scaring the pants of their paranoid low information voters.They still have to maintain the fear of election fraud to motivate them to show up at the polls.  

That where Wisconsin's rabid conservative solicitor general comes in, (a former president of the student chapter of the Federalist Society!):
Wisconsin's solicitor general Misha Tseytlin said Thursday the state's voter ID law is "quite permissive" and should serve as a model for the rest of the country. 
"Wisconsin's voter ID law is often characterized in, what I would say, the partisan press, as one of the more stringent voter ID laws. I think that’s certainly not true now. Wisconsin might be the most permissive state in the union in terms of how someone can get photo ID to satisfy the photo ID law."
Voter fraud is an "overblown" myth, but that never stopped Republicans from going overboard with ways to suppress our right to vote.

In a jaw dropping turning of the tables, Solicitor General Tseytlin focused on the media's "overblown" coverage of problems experienced by those trying to get a photo ID:  
Tseytlin argued Thursday the problems documented in the media and in court are overblown and amount to a fraction of a percentage of the people who have gone through the process. 
That runs counter to Scott Walker's own logic, where even one disenfranchised voter is one too many. And who cares about a "small fraction" of voters?

Now Questioning Voter ID may hurt voter Confidence...Again? I nearly spit out my coffee when I read this reason to keep these bad unconstitutional voter suppression efforts in place: 
Tseytlin agreed there is "very little" voter fraud, but said voters may lose confidence in elections if they see voter ID laws being questioned and struck down.
As they keep reminding us; it's never good to question our political one party authority. 

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