Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If Conservative Leaning Rural Polling Places Favor Republicans, should we get rid of them?

Here we go again. First, Republicans pissed and moaned about the mythical voter fraud problem. Then they complained that early voting hours were unfair to rural voters. Now Trump their candidate for president said the whole electoral system is rigged.

Does it look like Republicans are trying their hardest to turn people off to the whole idea of voting?

Insane New Test and Hoop to Jump Through: Does a voting site provide an advantage to the Democratic Party. JS:
Green Bay city clerk Kris Teske didn't want to allow early voting at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in part because she believed it would give Democrats an advantage, records made public Tuesday reveal … she asked state elections regulators in August if she could prevent making the university an early voting site in the face of requests from state Rep. Eric Genrich (D-Green Bay).
Teske became suspicious of the request because a Democrat asked for the early voting site. The Nation-Ari Berman:

The insane part of Teske’s statement begs the question; would a voting site in a heavily conservative rural area also give Republicans an advantage, and shouldn’t that site be closed down as well? Don't think for one moment this excuse won't come up again and again.

And since the city is run by corrupt Mayor Jim Schmitt, guilty of election fraud…
Schmitt agreed to plead guilty to three misdemeanor charges related to accepting illegal campaign donations and falsifying information on his campaign finance reports.
…this incredibly convenient decision was made:
At the time, Green Bay officials said that a time limit prevented them from establishing a satellite voting site … the chief of staff to Green Bay Mayor said Teske was simply trying to properly respond to a judge's ruling that allowed more early voting locations without providing criteria for where they should be located. 

U.S. District Court Judge James Peterson in July struck down limits on early voting that were approved by Gov. Scott Walker and GOP lawmakers:
“The court finds that the legislature specifically targeted large municipalities—Milwaukee in particular—intending to curtail minority voting,” wrote Federal District Court Judge James Peterson, who said Republicans were “suppressing the votes of reliably Democratic minority voters.”
Republicans immediately gamed the judges request. That was fast.
Teske also cited concerns about keeping ballots secure and the cost of opening a satellite voting site.
Because as we all know, voting in some areas gets too expensive to justify in a representative democracy.
Students from across the political spectrum in September asked Teske to allow early voting on campus.

When (April 5 primary) polls closed at 8 pm, there were still 150 students waiting to vote. “Some people described it as chaos,” reported Ellery McCardle of the local ABC affiliate. “People were standing shoulder to shoulder, there was absolutely no room to move around in here.”

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