Monday, October 3, 2016

Rep. Craig threatens to investigate John Doe leak...unlike the Club for Growth's leaks to the Wall Street Journal.

Without an open admission of guilt, the only standard now granted by the US Supreme Court to determine if money had a corrupting influence, Republicans had Christmas early today.

The Supreme Court let Scott Walker and the state Supreme Court off the hook. My conservative friend in Milwaukee emailed me a link to the story with the message, "Ha, ha."
Feed me...more money!

My friend, like all Walker/Trump voters, are more concerned with shoving their "leaders" corruption in our faces than acknowledging the criminal takeover of our state.

But the Walker win wasn't enough. It's now time to send a message to anyone else thinking about challenging our one party authoritarian state; investigate and publically shame, ridicule and destroy all dissenters. According to Republican Rep. David Craig:  
This ends an unfortunate chapter of government chilling free speech in Wisconsin. It is more important than ever that a special committee in the legislature with subpoena power be empaneled to take sworn testimony in this matter. The legislature needs to determine if abusive behavior was engaged in by those involved in this investigation and to determine whether those charged with the public trust have acted maliciously by intentionally leaking sealed materials in violation of state policy."
Never mind Eric O'Keefe's Club for Growth's leaks of secret John Doe information. If anyone wants to "chill free speech," it's Craig and his fellow corrupt Republican legislative criminals. Ha, ha.

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  1. So, it is not enough to get away with the crime.

    The witnesses and victims of the crimes must be punished.

    Lets all get used to the new republican rules of law and order.