Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ryan's Authoritarian Vision: "A Unified Republican government is the way to go."

It's always been frustrating to hear Republicans complain about Obama's supposed "power grab" as president. "Emperor" Obama unfortunately has had to fill in for Republican inaction on a host of major problems facing our country. 

This is another classic case of projection and wishful thinking by Republicans who hope someday to install a one party ruling authority over the nation. 

Proof? Paul Ryan has been pushing a national socialist conservative agenda for years. He has now finally come right out and admitted it, stating his intention to force every party to kneel down and pledge allegiance to the ruling Republican authority. CapTimes:
Should Trump lose in a landslide, Ryan and other Republicans will interpret it as a repudiation of his boorishness and not the extreme far-right ideology they share with Trump.

Here’s evidence: Days before Ryan abandoned Trump, the speaker was quoted in the New York Times as disagreeing with Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about divided government. “Divided government is actually the best government,” McConnell told the Times. Ryan said sharing power “breeds dysfunction and prevents major accomplishments": 
“I’m tired of divided government. It doesn’t work very well. We’re just at loggerheads. We’ve gotten some good things done. But the big things — poverty, the debt crisis, the economy, health care — these things are stuck in divided government, and that’s why we think a unified Republican government is the way to go.”

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