Friday, June 3, 2016

Walker tries to redefine Wisconsin Idea again.

Scott Walker won't stop until he turns the UW system into tech schools, because it's obviously not doing very well as a nationally recognized highly ranked university system.

So after it was revealed that Walker lied about trying to change and destroying the "Wisconsin Idea," he's now going to attack it via state funding, after squeezing it dry:
“... some performance-driven components as a possibility going forward” … the governor’s office pointed to outcomes-based funding for technical colleges that ties a growing percentage of their budgets to how well they perform in categories such as graduates’ job placement and the number of degrees colleges award in high-demand fields.

“I think that makes sense,” Walker said. “It’s certainly what we hear from employers who are looking to fill critical positions.”
What he "hears from employers?" Love that anecdotal research. Guess we can forget about all those ambitious students hoping to start their own unique business, or even venturing out into unexplored new markets. What's important is getting our students ready for jobs exclusively in Wisconsin because Walker's world is just that small.

If the Walker metric spanned a number of decades, and not just year by year placements and hot employer needs, then maybe it would be something to consider. But for now, there's no way we can trust one Walker, especially after what he's done to the state.


  1. Hmmm... can we 'outcome base' Walker's salary? Where the hell are all the jobs he promised?
    It makes sense.

  2. When Walker is able to complete a paragraph without saying "going forward," he might sound like he graduated from elementary school. I just kinda naturally assume that we're all going to be paying for his ineptitude for generations--"going forward," heh.

    New Wisconsin state motto: GOING BACKWARD.