Friday, June 24, 2016

State Rep. Gannon, insurance agent, wants businesses to buy "Disarmed Citizen Compensation Act" liability insurance for Gun Free Zones.

Radio's Devil's Advocates Mike and Dom talked with blithering idiot State Rep. Bob Gannon about requiring gun liability insurance for businesses and other gun free zones for supposedly disarming and putting these unarmed people in harms way. WSJ:
Gannon’s proposal, dubbed the “Disarmed Citizen Compensation Act,” would go a step further in discouraging gun-free zones by allowing a victim of gun violence to sue businesses with such bans and recover triple the amount of damages without regard to who was at fault.
Not exactly getting government out of the way, is it, while heaping higher costs on businesses big and small. It's mob like extortion; "obtaining something, especially money (or guns), through force or threats."

Funny thing, the right to carry also means we have a constitutional right NOT TO CARRY. 

But Gannon not only wants to charge us for not having guns in our businesses, he wants to blame us for those possible gun deaths and injuries.

Even more stunning was Rep. Gannon's admitted conflict of interest. He stands to profit from his own bill:
Gannon: "Just so you know, my state business, my other job is selling property and liability insurance." 
Gannon also seems to think financial advisers, fast food restaurants, toy stores, clothing shops etc. now need to be screened by insurers to determine what they're doing to keep their customer safe.
Gannon said if businesses still want to post gun-free zone signs then they should consider adding metal detectors and armed security guards.
Yes, that's what this has come to, where no place is safe anymore. Like Gannon said sometime back:

“Wisconsin does not have a death penalty law, but with significant practice and careful aim, law-abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scumbags.”
Gannon verbally spit on "liberals," protesters, the Democratic House sit-in trying to stop the mass shooting carnage, you know, the kind of things contained in the 1st Amendment:
Mob like Extortion to allow Guns!!!
Gannon: "The reason I put this out today is because we're getting all this baloney with the Democrats singing along again. You see Democrats think they can deal with this violence by having sing-a-longs, and having big food buffets in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C....they do that in Milwaukee too you know, they march around, they sing, and then they stop and have lunch and they think that's dealing with violence...instead of babbling about it on the radio, or in your marching circles, in your sing-a-long at the state Capitol..."  
The Gannon interview will blow your mind, and make you wonder what voters ever saw in this barbaric savage. They should be embarrassed:

“If you’re going to allow somebody to come in and put a bullet in my brain, you should have some liability,” Gannon said.

Ladd Everitt, communications director for the national Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, called the proposal “utterly idiotic”
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