Monday, May 30, 2016

Competition on ObamaCare exchanges worked!!! Lowered premiums!!! Now Insures want Out Due to Lower Profits!!!

Republicans think you forgot how our old health care system, before “ObamaCare,” failed miserably.

Who the hell is nostalgic for the days when insurers dropped people with pre-existing conditions, jacked premiums and deductibles up to unaffordable levels, and allowed insurers who cherry pick the healthiest Americans?

Since when do we rank health care by how much insurers make?

Hello, treating the sick and dying…remember that?

Now see how Forbe’s packages the Affordable Care Act as a failure because it cut insurance company profits, while saving you and me money. It should be a shock to your sense of humanity:
The story is similar for other insurers. Many have decided to abandon markets they have long served. That’s left people fewer options for coverage. And with less competition on the exchanges, the plans that remain have more freedom to hike premiums. Obamacare’s ongoing dysfunction is bad enough. But the looming collapse of its exchanges is prompting calls for even more government involvement in health care — even a single-payer system.
Competition Worked, Lowered Prices - now Insurers Want Out: Flipping market competition on its head, suddenly lower prices are bad...for them? Think about that; competition made insurers cut their premiums, which is now making them drop out of the exchange. If anything, the ObamaCare exchanges worked too well.

Forbe’s also wants you to think the ACA is “government” health care, when in fact it’s just a mall for private insurers:
It takes a special kind of reasoning to respond to the spectacular failure of government that is Obamacare by calling for, well, even more government.
Their Loss is Our Gain: Think of the next statement as money we saved shopping on the exchanges, and not money insurers “lost.”
Health insurance companies lost as much as 11 percent on their exchange plans last year. That’s more than double the amount they lost during the exchanges’ first year.
The following anti-competition group of insurers is part of a rogue’s gallery of blood thirsty profiteers, salivating for a Paul Ryan style plan of junk policies offering a la carte services (what you can afford) and loop holes you could drive a Mack truck through (small print legalese):
Insurers have responded by heading for the exits. UnitedHealth will now only sell health plans in three statesHumana abandoned several markets after posting a 46 percent drop in earnings. Premera Blue Cross will leave Oregon and a dozen counties in Washington State.
Want competition to work, stay away from these ghouls.

Promise? Not Quite: My own brother is pretty well off and told me how angry he was that he didn't at least get some kind of deal under the exchanges. I agreed, upper middle class folks should get something, but it wasn't like he'd go broke paying his own way. I know for a fact he would never go without coverage. Which brings me to the articles final statement.
These subsidies don’t apply to millions of middle-class people. To afford premiums, many must cut other parts of their household budget — or go uninsured.

The Obama administration promised that this wouldn’t happen. The White House said that Obamacare would “curb excessive premium growth for . . . millions of Americans.” It said that ... creating online exchanges would yield a marketplace where insurers competed on price and quality. But many Americans have not benefited. One in two disapproves of the law.
"...creating online exchanges would yield a marketplace where insurers competed on price and quality" and it worked, lowering prices and hurting insurance company profits. Cry me a river.

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