Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sky ain't Blue, Walker ain't Bad....blames Democrats for Great Recession...again!!!!

Like Scott Walker says, it's the Wisconsin Comeback...moving Wisconsin forward...

State continues to lag behind nation in job creation: Wisconsinlast year again lagged behind most states, and the country as a whole, in job creation.

During 2015, Wisconsin ranked 36th among the states in the percentage of new jobs, comprehensive data released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show. Wisconsin added 31,670 jobs from December 2014 through December 2015, a gain of 1.3%. Jobs nationwide, meanwhile, increased by 2.1%.
It wasn't hard for Walker to set the bar as low as possible and convince his bumbling drones that only one number matters; unemployment. So after making it harder to get unemployment with bureaucratic regulation that disadvantages former employees, "stand with Walker" dupes know the drill:

At what price? Let me see, we sold everything off, defunded parks, roads and most of the UW system. And many in the state haven't seen a drop in taxes, because they were responsible enough to pass school referendums to educate the next generation.

WALKER ACTUALLY BELIEVES THE GREAT RECESSION WAS GOV. DOYLE'S AND THE DEMOCRATS FAULT!!!!!!! PROOF.....I actually thought Walker used the Great Recession's job losses as a deceitful way to trick his willing dupes into thinking he had a plan. I no longer believe that's true. In the clip below, Walker is visibly shaken and pissed the Democrats would be asking for an emergency session to deal with job creation. WKOW's Greg Neumann:

Walker: "The people who oversaw the loss of 133,000 jobs, the people who raised taxes, who raised tuition by 118 percent the decade before our freeze are the audacity of hypocrisy." 

Walker was called out on this lie on Upfront with Mike Gousha, but gave his standard word salad to weasel his way out of a direct answer:


  1. That Bagger's wrong. Wisconsin's labor participation is down from the Doyle years, and the deficits are as high as they ever were under Doyle, with more debt on top of it.

    And lower unemployment? Can you say "Thanks Obama!" In fact, the last year under Doyle/Dems (2010) saw more jobs added in Wisconsin than we saw in 2015. And the US economy did a lot better in 2015 than it did in 2010.

    Envy and resentment is all these bitter clingers have, because their policies are an ABJECT FAILURE

  2. This clown is something else. Unfortunately the same ignorant people who voted for him are the same people who eat this stuff up. I have yet hear anyone say that he is doing a great job on our job growth, yet they still back him. Comments like, "do you think that woman who got fired from her own company would have done better" just tick me off. Our voters choose to be ignorant. The simple response is, "Walker was fired from his creation, the WEDC" only gets replies like "what are you talking about".

    Here is what we are really fighting:
    1. A governor who is bought and paid for by a few. These few love profit so much that they would do anything to make gains.
    2. He is a perfect pawn for these few corrupt individuals because of his attributes. He has no morals, no empathy, and no brain. He is arrogant and constantly lies.
    3. We have the same type of people throughout our state legislature.
    4. We have these same people dominating the Wis Supreme Court.
    5. We have a large number of citizens who choose not to vote
    6. We have a large number of voters who choose to not find out the truth.
    7. We have a large number of voters who know what Walker stands for, yet they vote for him anyway because they think he is on their side because they are single issue voters.
    8. The Democratic Party is in disarray. They can't even battle the bullshit commercial against Feingold that keeps playing and playing. For crying out loud, the party of Trump is pushing you around.
    9. Then there is our worthless in-state GOP loving media.

    A perfect storm destroying Wisconsin.