Thursday, June 23, 2016

Who's the Extra Crispy Col. Sanders? Who else, George Hamilton.

If I could afford to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I would, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate their mind bending ad campaign of never ending fake Col. Sanders hawking their food.

Things just got weirder. Welcome the "Extra Crispy" cousin of the Colonel, played by the sun drenched likes of extra crispy actor George Hamilton. Check out the extra crispy sun damaged face of a boy in the ad...surreal:
KFC just announced the fourth actor ... Unlike previous Colonels, George Hamilton won't actually replace his predecessor, the comedian Jim Gaffigan. Instead, the Golden Globe-nominated actor will take the mantle of the so-called "Extra Crispy Colonel," a bronze-skinned, beach-bum cousin of the avuncular Southern gentleman whom KFC dream't up specifically to sell its "extra crispy"-style chicken. The sun-baked doppelgänger will make his debut in a series of four commercials:

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