Thursday, December 3, 2015

UnitedHealth CEO Hemsley likes insuring healthy people, that's why he doesn't like the ACA Exchanges.

UnitedHealth Group got a lot of attention when they said they might be dropping out of the ObamaCare exchanges. It looks like they want more attention.

You have to ask why anybody cares about United Health, since they only have a 5.5% involvement in the exchanges, and didn't participate much in the individual market prior to the ACA, which is what ObamaCare replaced.

Also, let's get something straight first; Democrats are missing the chance of a lifetime. They should be using the GOP criticism of the ACA exchanges - the co-pays and high deductibles, insurers dropping out or going broke - as ammunition to argue against our broken for profit insurance based health care system.

Enrolling healthy people beats paying for Sick People: You've got to check out the following outrageous comment from UnitedHealth Groups CEO Stephen Hemsley, who was paid $66 million in 2014, money he got from jacked up premiums and rejected sick people. Again, $66 million in one year, $45 million in stock options...and people can't afford monthly premiums. And conservatives whine that a hike in the minimum wage will increase the price of a burger? Where do they think Hemsley gets his money? Finance Yahoo:
UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley said that his company had kept costs down by selling plans with small doctor networks and pricing the plans competitively. UnitedHealth generally enrolled consumers with better health than the overall exchange population but it still lost money, he said.
The point is, insurers have nothing to do with providing health care, they just take your money. And Hemsley is really not happy with people actually using the policies they can barely pay for:
Under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies cannot deny coverage to anyone, including those with pre-existing health care problems. Hemsley said that many insurers have complained that some customers are making frequent use of their policies, which had contributed to losses.

UnitedHealth holds a relatively small part of the overall Obamacare market … sold health insurance plans to just 5.5 percent of the approximately 10 million Americans who use Obamacare … “It’s still important to remember that while United is a very big insurer, they have never been a major player in the individual insurance market,” Kaiser Family Foundation Senior Vice President Larry Levitt said. “The individual market has always been dominated by Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.”


  1. "The point is, insurers have nothing to do with providing health care, they just take your money."

    I think you meant government instead of insurers.

    Stupid progressives. You guys really are batshit!

    1. No. I think John meant what he said. And outside of your basement, he's correct. Insurance companies are greedheads who couldn't care less what happens to their customers....or potential customers.

      If you don't know that, you are one pathetic SUCKER.

  2. Not, the batshit ones arw the hypocrites and loons that are currently running the Repubs......never let a FACT get in the way of your trolling.

  3. Ok well then lets get some facts straight.

    Insurers provide a service (Insurance) in exchange for your "money." Health CARE, is provided by your physician or local hospital, family, or self. You may not like the process or the results but the services exist, and you receive them in exchange.

    Government, on the other hand steals your "money" and in exchange for nothing, at the threat of force. If you are on the receiving end of wealth redistribution, and receiving "benefits," you are a advocate for government force. If you are the one being forced to pay for the nonproductive parts of an economy, you speak against this force.

    In other words, there is no public "money," and either way, you are being robbed of your freedom, which is NOT something that can be granted to you.

    And it's not "money." It's currency. Big difference.

    Now which part is factually incorrect?

  4. Oh! I almost forgot.

    Thanks to you libtards and demoncrats ramming the unaffordable care act through a vote on a Sunday without reading it, I have to find a new healthcare policy AGAIN this yeaar because mine just decided to shut their doors. Probably because they can't stay in business. Looks like this will be a yearly event until Odumbocare collapses in the next year or 2.

    As the economy continues to deteriorate, keep in mind progressives and cultural marxism are the root cause of this. Why don't you go build something or create something of value rather than destroy other's productivity by force?

    Trump 2016!

  5. Sad that you might have to buy insurance every year? You mean you didn't before looking for a better deal when your premiums get jacked through the roof. Yes, it should be a yearly event, unless your a fool with your money, and I'm thinking you are.

    Dems "rammed" it through with 60 votes. How much of a majority do you have to have? Look at everything Scott Walker is ramming through without one Dem vote. Still complaining, or just another authoritarian brownshirt?

  6. To the conservative freeloader, so you think the government of the people is stealing money in exchange for nothing, like roads, police, fire dept., clean water, safe food, parks, cleaner air, energy grid, high speed broadband and electricity in remote unprofitable are clueless?

    You seem to not get the fact that you don't need insurers, or pay them money for services, losing 20 to 30 percent off the top to pay CEO's millions. You really don't like keeping much of your money, but I do. Looks like I'm the fiscally responsible one here. Learn from these posts.

  7. Actually another insurer decided to stop providing insurance and shut down their business. Then United Health, the largest health insurer did the same apparently. And for some reason you want full on Communism where the government has control over every aspect of your life. Don't worry. I can already tell how annoyed you are with "government." Unfortunately for you that you still think there is some difference between the poly-ticks on the left and poly-ticks on the right. But by trusting in them for your future well being you will learn what a mistake that was.

    You still can't tell me what the difference between money and legal tender or currency is so obviously I know more about money than you do. But why should I have to find new insurance every year? I'm lucky I have it covered among all my other bases but by your logic, you should have to find a new electricity provider each year, a new mobile phone provider each year, and a new water source each year.

    I'm as un-authoritarian as they come. You're the one who keeps trying to take my guns because you live in fear. And keep saying I should pay for your dumb pathetic ass.

    And since you like to call me a freeloader, even though I pay way more in taxes than you obviously do and bring thousands of dollars into this country, if you still think this is a "government" of, by, and for the people you are a MORON!

    Roads are paid for by fuel and property taxes. Police and Fire Dept and State through state income taxes. Safe food??? If you think the food you are eating is safe, you better start questioning it. I don't have time to go through all the other things you mentioned but you pay excise and utility taxes for those too. Problem is, you won't be happy until the government is your daddy robbing everything from productive people to pay non productive people. You can tax people into oblivion, but they change their behavior.

    So what do you produce besides these half truths and lies you keep brainwashing people with? I feel bad for the ones that follow your drivel. They are in a lot of trouble.

    I get a hell of a lot more than you. You just contradicted yourself too. If you don't need insurance, then why do you need the unaffordable care act? They should repeal it but it will fall apart on its own in a couple years anyway so I'm not worried. I'm fine. You're the one that is screwed. Your mind is shut, locked, sealed and there is no key in sight.

    If you like keeping your money, you better learn what the difference between money and fiat currency is real fast. Or enjoy poverty. I don't care.

  8. You're all over the map and not logical. Can't argue with a sick mind. I made my points in the blog post, no clarification is needed. You're beyond help and apparently confused. I back the ACA, but would prefer no insurers and a single payer system. Just like every other country that continues to prove us wrong making money off sick people.

    I post this stuff in the hopes that something breaks through, but not with you, and I get that.