Friday, December 11, 2015

Walker's Wisconsin now comes in dead last in Business Startups.

Scott Walker's "Open for Business" state slogan has perception issues, according to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Foundation president Jim Morgan.  

That's the excuse now being given to explain Walker's Wisconsin coming in dead last in attracting new entrepreneurs. And it has nothing to do with the Republican majorities anti-education, anti-science, anti-Milwaukee, anti-clean energy positions, right. And hell, they're not done dragging Wisconsin's reputation into the ground with the continuing Walker disaster known as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. 

Yea, people are getting the wrong impression, that's the ticket. Blame the people objecting to one bad bill after the next, from abandonment of environmental safeguards to dumbing down education, not Scott Walker:
WPR: Studies show people stay in Wisconsin because of the cost of living and natural beauty. Morgan said making that perception of the state mainstream is seriously needed.
That would seem near impossible to do, when you consider we're seeing declining incomes and increased levels of water pollution in our state. If we could just keep that bad news off the front pages:
Research Finds Wisconsin Is Home To Fewest Startups In The Nation: Ask WMC Leader Jim Morgan why Wisconsin comes in dead last in the race to attract new entrepreneurs, and he'll tell you it all comes down to perception.
"We see people often leaving because they don't think there are opportunities here, when actually we have a pretty diverse economy here and may have 60,000-70,000 open jobs. But if you're 16 or 17 years old, you don't see it."

"People in that 50 to 65 to 70 year range leave Wisconsin, and so they take their wealth with them, and so you don't have that investment," he said.

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  1. About that "perception" issue...
    From WMC's own press release earlier this week (which quotes Mr. Morgan):

    "When asked to rank Wisconsin's negative perceptions, the top four were climate, job opportunities, wage/salary expectations, and social tolerance."

    So, the jobs that are available don't pay much. And the rest of the country thinks we're a bunch of bigots. Wonder where they got that idea.