Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Minnesota's Democratic Party projected Surpluses vs Wisconsin's Republican projected shortfalls.

As Minnesota out distances Wisconsin in almost every way, Republicans should be forced to answer the question why Wisconsin can't keep up. Oh sure, they'll bore us with old talking points that in no way compares to the way Minnesota is beating us. Scott Walker can't pull out his only bragging point about the unemployment numbers since Minnesota's is even lower. 

Growth may be slower in Minnesota, but that's because the state has already recovered, while Wisconsin is still trying to gained back the jobs lost during the Bush Great Recession. 

But Walker's Republicans will say Minnesota's surplus is bad, because it means they've overtaxed their citizens. SJ: 
While Wisconsin's budget, enacted in July, sets the state up for a $210 million structural deficit, legislators across the Mississippi are arguing over how to spend a $1.9 billion surplus.
Give that surplus money back!!! That's what George W. said when he became president, paving the way for tax cuts. Instead of using those surpluses to pay the nations debt and replace our crumbling infrastructure, he wiped out what Mitch Daniels called "surpluses as far as the eye could see." And for good measure, plunged the nation into trillion dollar wars. 

Projected surpluses should be used to replenish and rebuild, improve and save, not give back as tax cuts. The money we invest now will be money our kids will not have to raise later on in the form of taxes. Tax cuts now just gives the bill to another generation. 
Some of Minnesota's extra money must go to its budget reserves, but the remaining $1.2 billion is up for grabs. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, is calling for the money to be spent on road and bridge improvements and expanding early childhood education. 

But Minnesota Republicans argue a surplus that large is a sure sign the state has overtaxed its citizens. 

Wisconsin legislators will have a $210 million projected shortfall to account for going into the 2017-19 budget.

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  1. There are 10 million differences between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Having grown up there and having family still living there, I would argue they have a surplus because MN people are far more productive in general while Wisconsin people always seemed a bit more lazy and self entitled. But that doesn't really tell the story. Certainly you guys have a big problem with Scott Walker, but not because he's a Republican. Because he's too extreme. Dayton is no good guy but he is not as extreme. But he is kept in check more by Republicans and citizens. It's important to move more toward the middle no matter what your view is if you want anything to get better. Call your conservative friend and ask questions and stop being so emotional. Maybe leave politics out of the converation. Both of those states are going down the tubes but they are still way better than here in California. Whatever you do, don't move to MN. They got enough progressive unproductive people there. This country has very little manufacturing and way too much debt. Spending is not the solution. Producing is.

    Some simple solutions you can practice on your own and start being the change you want to see in the world...

    Learn new skills. Whenever you aren't working, bringing in income, there are a million new skills you can learn through the internet. Especially youtube.

    Produce more. Grow a garden, fix broken stuff rather than buy new stuff, recycle cans, find a new use for stuff before throwing it away.

    Cut out the newspaper and magazine subscriptions, cancel the cable bill, eliminate all nonessential services that aren't directly related to your survival. It's not how much you make. It's how much you save.

    Pay down debt. Keep emergency cash on hand. Coordinate and work with those around you...neighbors.

    I can't solve all your problems. And neither can the government so stop looking to them for answers. Collapse and war is where this is headed. So stock up and get ready. Or pay the price!