Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Walker's inadvertent admission: Muslims unwelcome, shouldn't enjoy Freedom to Worship in US.

Remember when Scott Walker said during his failed presidential campaign that there is a “handful of reasonable and moderate followers of Islam." It was a peek into Walker's darker agenda.

That was also just one early sign Republicans were ready to take aim Muslims and the 1st Amendment.

At the Milwaukee Jewish Federation's menorah lighting ceremony, Walker didn't just skip over the one major religion dominating the news today, but denied he singled out any religion after singling out 4 of them. After blaming the media for his own bigoted shortcomings, our Humpty Dumpyist Governor tried to word-salad his way out of trouble (audio below):

Walker Rails Against Media After Reporter Questions Religious Freedom Quote: Walker Omitted Islam When Listing Off Religions Who Enjoy Freedom To Worship ... left out Muslims when listing off religious groups that deserve the freedom to worship Monday. Afterward, when a reporter pointed out the omission, Walker criticized the news media, and said he didn't specifically mean to "single one (group) or the other out."

He said that "whether someone is Jewish, or Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or whatever it might be, that particularly here in America, we recognize that that's one of the great tenets."

A reporter later asked Walker why he left Muslims off his list.
As you can see, he singled out four religions. And yet Walker said he did no such thing and then blamed the media for pointing out his unintentional slip of religious bias:
"Pointing that out is typical of the media," said Walker. "Somebody asked me the other day, what did I find out about the media? It's like, what did I leave out? I just rattled off a bunch. You could mention three or four other religions. I didn't specifically single one or the other out."
The guy that yelled Walker was "a schmuck" before getting tossed from the ceremony, was right of course. and another reason why Walker doesn't makes open to the public appearances.

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