Monday, December 7, 2015

Unlike Walker's Wisconsin, Michigan Republicans pushed Clean Energy Job Creation!

We know how much Scott Walker and legislative Republicans love coal, and hate rate raising and job killing renewable energy.

Prepared to be shocked; Michigan Republicans apparently know something we don’t, because they have created the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum…I know, crazy huh? Actually, Wisconsin Republicans are the crazy ones, to pass up what Michigan has done; create jobs and industry. Midwestenergy News:
In Michigan, more than 300 businesses are active in the clean-energy sector, creating a supply chain of manufacturing, financing, engineering, designing and installing wind, solar and advanced battery systems, according to a new report from the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center … found at least 187 businesses in the solar supply chain and at least 133 in wind …. also home to several companies that have transitioned from traditional sectors to advanced energy systems. That diverse industry — ranging from small incubator start-ups to global manufacturers — has “generated billions in economic activity in recent years.”
This is what Walker and the Republicans are blocking in order to preserve our dependence on coal:
The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum, a Republican-led group pushing for more clean energy development in the state, earlier this year pegged total investment at $2.2 billion and supporting 6,000 jobs. The group issued a report in 2014 saying that a renewable portfolio of 20 percent by 2025 would result in a total output of over $6.5 billion, support more than 41,000 job years and create $2.11 billion in employee compensation
And unlike Walker, who doesn’t believe in achieving any future energy savings:
It has supported Gov. Rick Snyder’s goal of 40 percent by 2025 through renewables and energy efficiency.
“Stand with Walker” trolls must have lower expectations...:
Amy Butler, executive director of OU INC, a business incubator at Oakland University in southeast Michigan that specializes in clean-energy startups, agrees there is a direct link between energy policy and economic development. There is not only an environmental case to be made for clean energy, she says, but a business one as well. “Strong energy policy will attract energy solution companies to the state.”
Storm clouds are on the horizon, as some Republicans try to sabotage clean energy jobs and progress by legislation suggested by the state's powerful utilities. We'll see what happens.

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