Thursday, December 10, 2015

Walker won't let disapproval (58%); lagging in job creation (57%); and wrong track (53%) numbers stop him from running again.

Scott Walker's only one mind-numbing bragging point is the 4.3% unemployment number. Forget about people leaving out state for better high paying jobs. Forget about the massive number of layoffs that almost negate any job increases in the private sector.

Walker's 4.3% unemployment number is it, and he's thinking of riding that all the way to another run for governor...then president. Sure Minnesota's unemployment number is 3.7%, but comparisons aren't allowed by Walker, because his policies won't see any results for another 10 years or so.

Here's Walker's subtle but definite nod for another term as governor. Oh sure, the media with toy with the fact it wasn't an official announcement, but really, he just said it:


  1. Will Wisconsin even have gained the 250,000 jobs that were the big promise of his first run for governor?

    Hasn't Wisconsin suffered enough?

  2. Even the 4.3% unemployment isn't really a positive accomplishment, since it reflects 35,000 dropping out of the work force since January. Driving people out of the state and denying people benefits they are entitled to isn't really a good thing.