Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump compared to Hitler & Lord Voldemort!

The Republican presidential primary should covered by comedians, not reporters.

This is the least serious, most bizarre off the wall group of dumb asses yet, and I thought 2012 was hard to beat. It's impossible to pretend Trump, Cruz, Bush and Rubio have something thoughtful to say. If this were a movie, we would have walked after the first insulting debate and asked for our money back.

Here's another insulting example from Bizarro World:

HILL: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump early Tuesday rejected criticism (and) said he was not worried about being compared to Hitler. "We're at war — get it through your head."
Kids book writer J.K. Rowling couldn't pass up acknowledging the emergence of another super villian:

Ted Cruz comes in at a close second to Trump and Lord Voldemort:


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