Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rep. Kremer's Divide and Conquer strategy: Rural vs Urban Wisconsin Taxpayers.

It's almost laughable to hear Republicans deny they have it out for Milwaukee while constantly doing everything they can to take it down. Just off the top of my head...
They killed economic growth via high speed rail that would have provided to a regional business hub that included Chicago, killed high speed train manufacturing in the city, a residency requirement, sick leave, the Bucks new arena...there's more but you get the point. 
Times have changed: Republicans are now deceptively making it look like they are boldly "sabotaging" development in Milwaukee to please voters at home, despite the fact that the planned streetcars they want to deny funding, weren't in line to get it in the first place. This is all a dog and pony show for duped constituents who instinctively hate Milwaukee:
Kremer wants you to hate city folk.
JS: GOP lawmakers circulate bill to block state money for Milwaukee streetcar: Republican state lawmakers are circulating a bill that would block state transportation money from being used to operate a Milwaukee streetcar. Reps. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) said, "I am proud to support economic development and growth in the City of Milwaukee, and many of us did just that through our challenging Bucks arena vote earlier this year. The state transportation fund and rural, mass-transit issues are major concerns for my constituents.

"As such, I do not feel that taxpayers outside of the City of Milwaukee should be responsible for any future operational costs that may arise."

Kremer wants to send the message that state taxpayers are on their own. As you might remember, Scott Walker branded the "I'm not paying for that" attitude when he defunded our state parks and instead said only users should pay for their upkeep. Kremer now wants to pit rural interests against urban interests, a real job creator:
A spokeswoman for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said, "Speaker Vos supports the bill as it protects state taxpayers from runaway costs associated with the Milwaukee streetcar project."

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  1. "Protects state taxpayers" is as hollow a meme as "thoughts and prayers." Stroebel's another one. These clowns are taking turns like it's a relay race to the bottom.