Thursday, December 3, 2015

Republicans run from leadership, responsibility! "Just another day in the US" for a mass shooting!!!

Even when "mental illness" wasn't a factor in a mass shooting, Republicans like Paul Ryan can't get off the now popular talking point and stall tactic. That should tell us all we need to know about the GOP's sad eyed insincerity:

But the world isn't fooled by the mass shooting insanity reeling out of control in the U.S.. As Vox explained it...:
BBC World News is clearly fed up with gun violence in America. Here's how it started a report on the shooting in San Bernardino, California, that killed upward of 14 people on Wednesday:

Leave it to the Onion to expose the horrible truth with humor:
At press time, residents of the only economically advanced nation in the world where roughly two mass shootings have occurred every month for the past five years were referring to themselves and their situation as “helpless.”
Media Matters caught this Fox News moment from Shepard Smith admitting that this just doesn't happen in other countries:

Here are a few other bizarre related story links from Media Matters:
A Fox analyst asks if this mass shooting is "a literal war on Christmas": Fox is already linking the shooting to more boots on the ground in Syria: An NRA figure is already lashing out at Democratic presidential candidates for calling for action on gun violence: Joe Scarborough called on his fellow Republicans to take action:

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