Thursday, December 10, 2015

Republican bill helps towns secede from Dane County's zoning control.

While Republicans double down on their efforts to remove local control from what they call a hodgepodge of confusing regulations, they’re making one noticeable exception. Taking aim at liberal Dane County, legislation would add an element of chaos and local infighting, and give conservative areas the ability to secede.
The consequences are huge, but then, that’s the point. WSJ:
After a measure that would allow towns to opt out of Dane County’s zoning control was excluded from the state budget, 13 legislative Republicans have revived the effort as a standalone bill. Under current Wisconsin law, cities and villages control decisions on rezoning farmland for residential or commercial construction, but most towns share the authority. Both the town and the county hold veto power over proposals.

The legislation that would allow towns to opt out of that system would apply only to counties with populations over 485,000. Dane County’s official population in the 2010 Census was 488,075, and the only other county above that threshold, Milwaukee County, does not have any towns.
Coincidence? The potential negative impact to the environment is probably what made Republicans bring this back, since it’s already a goal built in to the stripped down DNR.
Tim Roehl, Dane County Towns Association vice president and a town of Middleton supervisor, has spearheaded past lobbying efforts … Roehl proposed a development in 2010 with 89 residential lots in the former town of Windsor.

After a lengthy review process, the county’s Zoning and Land Regulation Committee approved only 52 residential lots, citing poorly drained soils and a high water table that could cause “water problems” if single-family homes were built in the areas originally proposed.

But Josh Wescott, chief of staff for Parisi, said considerations like that are a reason the county’s zoning staff should be involved in review processes.

And it’s reasons like that excite Republicans! Is it really a danger to water? Silly liberals, they just hate business. For the best look at how Scott Walker and the Republican majority are doing little to nothing safe guarding our water supply, go to this report at Wisconsin Watch. I guarantee, you will be outraged.

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