Saturday, December 5, 2015

Republican Nuke Plan gives them 20 year break from doing anything at all.

Big energies corporate lobbyists have Republicans coming and going. 

Republicans now love clean energy...but only if it's nuclear and set some 20 years in the future.  

Sadly conservatives voters don't seem to be paying attention, or they would see how they're being manipulated into coughing up more money to fill big energies pockets. 

Republicans are clambering for clean energy, namely, nuclear power. Never mind that the Kewaunee plant recently closed because it wasn't profitable enough for potential buyers. Republicans want to start building nuke plants again, despite the reality.   

Nationally they're trying to repeal the subsidies to solar and wind, while leaving big oils handouts in place. Spinning yet?

Wisconsin Republicans have vilified wind and solar energy by first tying it to the "pseudoscientific threat" of climate change, a tea party hot button. Add to that all the attempts to over regulate and discourage alternative sources of energy in the state. The Republican stacked PSC is also increasing customer base rates to make consumer upgrades to solar and wind cost prohibitive.

But they love clean nuclear power, dontcha know. Forget about the 15 to 20 year startup time, costly initial building costs and storage of radioactive waste material. Oh and then there's the publically financed catastrophic insurance. 

In a head spinning move, clean nuke power supporter Scott Walker even joined 23 others states in a federal lawsuit against the EPA's Clean Power Plan. Scott Walker said the Clean Power Plan would “increase costs and prevent the construction of future power plants producing reliable, affordable electricity for our state." Huh? 

Stepping briefly out of his job as attorney general, Brad Schimel justified the lawsuit with his best scientific opinion: "(It would) require new plants to use expensive and unproven technology."  

On a federal level, "Republicans in Congress moved to block (Obama's) plan to force steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants.

Two things are clear; Republicans don't like energy solutions touched by Democratic hands, and costly big government Republican favorites from the past that have no chance of happening are designed to leave our current GOP free to do nothing.  

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