Tuesday, September 11, 2012

John Nichols on Capitol Crackdown-Blame Walker/Huebsch!

UPDATE: Check out this editorial from the Cap Times:
At a meeting with state Rep. Chris Taylor, the Madison Democrat whose district actually includes the Capitol, the chief (David Erwin) treated her with such disrespect that Taylor said she was “shocked and disappointed.”

Yet Erwin is not the real problem.

He is not operating as a law enforcement professional who applies the law without fear or favor. Rather, he is doing the bidding of Administration Department Secretary Mike Huebsch and Gov. Scott Walker.

When Erwin treated Taylor so disrespectfully, he did so with a Huebsch representative — Administration Department Executive Assistant Gwendolyn Coomer — at his side.

Erwin was not calling the shots. Coomer was. And she was doing so as an extension of Huebsch and Walker.
From Sly in the Morning, John Nichols bypasses the militaristic style of Capitol Police Chief David Erwin, and goes straight to the source of the crackdown directive, DOA's Mike Huebsch. Huebsch of course is taking orders from our state authority and Governor, Scott Walker.

Meeting Capitol Police Chief David Erwin....Here's more on the Capitol protest that didn't result in any arrests. I thought the story from WISN TV 12 in Milwaukee had an interesting short interview with Chief Erwin. A get to know your Authority moment.

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