Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, Future of Republican Party? Yes, "Back to the Future"

Congressman Paul Ryan has been mentioned as an up and comer in the Republican Party. Being a fellow Wisconsinite, I have taken it upon myself to watch close-up just how he has perfected his sales pitch, even at the risk of my sanity. You'll see what I mean after watching these short, but telling clips.

In this clip, Rep. Ryan justifies sending taxpayer money to Wall Street, to prevent a "deep" recession, but sees no value in fixing bridges and providing food stamps. "More spending from the federal government, whether its bridges or food stamps or whatever, that doesn't create jobs, that doesn't grow the economy-that grows the deficit."

Jeezes Paul, how wrong can you get it? Getting people back to work and buying food does NOT stimulate the economy?

In this clip, only the first 30 sec., Ryan says this: "Yet Congress has made it illegal to drill in most of America. I wanna lift the ban..."

That sounds pretty general, sweeping really, in scope. Is this Ryan's plan to beautify America?

These aren't new ideas, they're crazy old ideas ideologically driven, pure and simple.

trashes his own districts GM Janesville plant closure by opposing the bridge loan to auto makers,

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