Friday, November 21, 2008

Heritage Foundation Advocates All Labor Worth Around $25, but CEO's Can Get What the Market Is Willing to Pay.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative fringe organization, sent out their economic hit man James Gattuso, to bash blue collar laborers and unions. With a straight face, Gattuso said;

"There's no reason that a UAW worker should get a total compensation of $70 and hour when the average American only makes $25 an hour in total compensation."

It appears the Heritage Foundation would like to see everyone of us make the same low wage, while arguing that CEO's should make as much as the free market can bear, keeping government out of the business of removing incentives for people to make higher incomes. Chris Matthews is quick to make that case: "Sir, you negotiate your salary at the Heritage Foundation and they negotiate for their own salary where they're getting $70."

I loved Pat Buchanan's response, "Heritage is completely subsidized. What do you guys produce for heavens sake...?

Damn good question.

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