Monday, November 3, 2008

McCain Rally Goer Weisflog Angry, Irrational and Part of Campaign for President? Of Course.

Wisconsin hangs it head in shame these days, in the aftermath of a now infamous McCain campaign rally, that spotlighted one of our own frothing at the mouth with anger.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice uncovered this big talkin’ Republican hypocrite who rode his wave of victim hood on conservative blogs and media. Ron Weisflog was spitting mad, complaining loudly at a McCain rally about what socialists like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have done to this country, looking past his own irresponsible behavior and recent run of bad court decisions. He needed someone to blame for his problems. Watch the video and then read on below.

NOTE: My own dear conservative friend had his own business, went broke, and abandoned his lease obligations and filed bankruptcy. Of his landlord, he said it was his problem. Now that’s taking responsibility.

Who is this guy?

Before Joe the Plumber, there was Ron the Angry Man. Remember him? He was the 64-year-old John McCain supporter who barked at the Republican presidential nominee to "go get 'em" on the campaign trail last month.

"I'm mad. I'm really mad," Ron Weisflog, a former Wisconsin resident, said at a Waukesha town hall meeting in October. "And what's going to surprise you, it isn't the economy. It's the socialists taking over our country." The outburst brought Weisflog a ton of national publicity, including prominent play on the evening and cable TV news, the Rush Limbaugh radio show and a number of blogs and Web sites.

What those media outlets didn't say, however, was that Weisflog may have had good reason for being a little on edge. And it had nothing to do with politics.

In the past year, Weisflog and his former business, Weisflog's Showroom Gallery, lost two state Supreme Court cases in a lengthy dispute with some customers. First, the high court found that a Brookfield couple who sued Weisflog and his company over shoddy construction of an addition to their home could collect double the $95,000 in damages awarded by a jury, plus attorneys' fees. The couple had paid $278,000 to build a 2,000-square-foot addition to their home in 1995.

Then, in July, justices concluded that American Family Insurance, the general liability insurer for Weisflog's business, didn't have to pay the damages from the case because, they concluded, there was nothing accidental about the misrepresentations made to the couple. Shortly after the second ruling, the two sides cut an out-of-court deal.

Clearly, the town-hall meeting in Waukesha wasn't the first time Weisflog flashed his temper.
Responding to a request for attorneys' fees by the Brookfield couple, Waukesha County Judge Patrick Haughney said in a January 2005 hearing that the sum appeared high at first glance. But Haughney said the lawyers may have been forced to spend extra time on the case because of Weisflog, whom the judge described as "a very difficult individual."

Reached last week at his Florida home about the cases, Weisflog was true to form. "You're an investigative reporter, aren't you?" he snapped. "Thanks for calling - have a good day."
Weisflog then abruptly hung up


  1. thank you for finally calling "ignorant" man out on who he really is. I would like to see this blow up in his face. Right now he is acting like a fat cat parading his grandkids around in shitty "Angry Man" shirts and thinking he is most righteous.

  2. people have the whole story!