Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cardinal Threatens Obama, Calls Him "Aggresive, Disruptive and Apocalyptic"

The Catholic Church's extremist positions and authoritarian edicts should be enough for many members to switch religious affiliations. Wouldn't it be strange if Lutherans, or any religious denomination, to advertised their value system to fill up their pews with new parishioners?

Vatican Cardinal James Stafford, without consequence from Catholics everywhere, was able to say, "His (Obama) rhetoric is post-modernist, and marks an agenda and vision that are aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic ... what should we do with our hot, angry tears of betrayal?" Some might consider it a requested threat to the president elect. The Cardinal tries to sidestep the "hit" by saying, like most conservatives, the comment was taken out of context. He assumes we're all idiots and idol worshippers. He also says he stands by his comments. Can he have it both ways. Only to his followers it would appear.

Rev. Carlton, who has had his own run ins with authority, had this to say about the age old problem with the Roman Catholic religion.

Enough said.

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