Monday, November 17, 2008

Disaster Capitalism: Republicans Want Auto Industry Bankrupt to Break Up Unions

Let's talk about the auto industry bailout. Think Progress layed it out this way:

Congress and the Bush administration are currently considering whether to spend $25 billion to rescue Detroit automakers. The proposal has generally been met with stiff resistance from conservatives, who have increasingly been pinning all the blame for the crisis in Detroit on labor unions.

Nice try guys, but that's not the half of it, and there in lies the problem.

Response 1: Come on, say it, the Republicans have found another disaster opportunity to break up the unions by having them file for bankruptcy and restructure. They are willing to bring down the industry and it's many affilitates and suppliers so they can break the unions.

See how easy that was. Say it everytime you're asked about the bailout and the Republican response

Reponse 2: Republicans want to take the money already given to the auto makers to make fuel efficient competitive cars to sell so they can get back on their feet and use it for other purposes.

That's right, forget about long term planning, just keep them afloat long enough to go bankrupt so they can restructure themselves. Retooling for the future, are you crazy. Ever wonder how the country got to this point? Now you know.

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