Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Republicans Won't lift a Hand to Overpayed, Benefit filled Union American Work Force

The new face of the Republican Party appears to be more mean spirited than ever, acting like an animal backed into a corner, this time in the form of Rep. Phil Gingery of Georgia.

What can you say about the party of small government and free unregulated capitalism, that turns its back on paying for the mess they created, and treating that irresponsible behavior like a badge of honor. They're quick to blame the home buyers and union auto workers for the crisis in a vain to distract attention away from their own misdeeds. It's not working though.

Gingery complains the auto workers have benefits packages and are overpaid, not seeing the irony of the cadillac benefits he receives in his cushy job as a member of our taxpayer supported government. Take a look:

Rep. Robert Wexler: "...misplaced blame if we're talking about putting this on the automobile workers."

Rep. Phil Gingery: "They have also given a great deal to the Democratic Party in the past elections... so don't ask my people to be supportive of that."

It's time to get even, isn't it Rep. Gingery? What I can't understand is this: President elect Obama wants to reach across the isle to these snakes?

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