Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coalition for America’s Families Likes Stealth Issue Ad Funding, Avoids Taking Responsibility for Fueling Bigotry and Racism

Democrats, listen up! Please alert the public about subversive fringe groups with “America” and/or “Family” in their names.

Take a lesson from Republicans, who have vilified groups like as anti-American with repetition and outright lies, by using truth and repetition about “think tanks” and “family” organizations that advocate discrimination and failed theories based on pure ideology.

Democrats have done a grand disservice to the public for allowing the fringers to exist with little or no resistance. These hate groups ironically bash the courts, legal system and judges who legislate from the bench, yet use these same vehicles to win favorable “legislation from the bench.” Of course when they lose, they blamed liberal judges, while playing the poor conservative victim

Take this supposed violation of a First Amendment right:

Wisconsin State Journal:

In a move likely to draw a legal challenge, the state's elections agency voted unanimously Tuesday to require backers of thinly veiled campaign ads to disclose who pays for them. The six retired judges who make up the board voted to subject the (issue) ads to regulation, the first step in a lengthy process to develop new rules requiring ad backers to register with the board, ban corporate money for the ads and disclose who funds the ads.

Here’s where we the fringe groups come in.

But R.J. Johnson, a spokesman for the Coalition for America's Families criticized the decision. "It should worry defenders of the First Amendment everywhere." Mike Wittenwyler, a lawyer for the Coalition for America'sFamilies (added) "It's highly likely that whatever they do will be challenged because it will restrict what some organizations will be able to do.”

I’m not a legal scholar, but disclosing who is paying for an ad does not restrict anyone’s First Amendment right, but does make them responsible and accountable for the message. Anonymous advocacy is so easy too, because all they have to do is lie and supply the funding, without ever facing their opponent.

Once the public becomes familiar with the same bad actors and groups, they’ll know whether to trust or distrust the messenger, and make a more informed decision.

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