Tuesday, November 18, 2008

College Republicans View Spineless Congressional Democratic Compromisers as Partisan. Think of Themselves as Fair Over the Last 10 Years.

Republicans are on the defensive these days, not because they are in the minority, but because they’ve had their ideological rug pulled out from under them. Nationwide the negative campaign ads exposed their prejudices, racism, bigotry and anger. Sure these were desperate moves by desperate candidates, but that was no excuse to accuse half the country of siding with terrorists. Which brings me to this revealing look at the next generation of Republicans.

Politico.com is reporting that a poll by Washington Square News found 86 percent of students on the NYU campus voted for President-elect Barack Obama.

But Republicans on campus (say), “Republican policies aren’t racist, cold-hearted or mean-spirited, despite what many students at NYU believe.”

Apparently the alternate reality referred to by the Bush Administration is alive, thriving and doing well in the real world where the conservative ideology has proven itself to be a complete disaster. After 10 years of Republican political dominance, and our current economic crisis, it’s hard to imagine anyone making the following statement:

CAS sophomore and College Republican member Annie Peck said. “We need a multitude of ideas in order to make the best possible decisions for this country,” Peck said. “With the same ideology in every facet of Washington, I don’t think there will be enough deliberation and discussion that is typical of a bipartisan government.”

Sorry, but I don’t recall hearing those same complaints when Republicans controlled everything in Washington. Drumming out moderate Republicans and discriminating against Democrats on K-Street is hardly bipartisan. In a party that creates its own reality, would it surprise you to hear this next observation?:

Stern freshman Andrea Catsimatidis hopes for a Republican transfer of power in the 2010 midterm elections. “Voting for Obama became a fad and people did it because it was cool, even though they might not have known what he stood for,” Catsimatidis said.

Actually we knew what Obama stood for because we listened to his explanations and went to his web site for a detailed breakdown of his policies. That’s all anyone really had to do. Andrea of course doesn’t stop at just one talking point:

“I think that people will realize this and since Republican houses have a history of fixing problems, America will elect a Republican house in two years once they realize the detrimental effects of instating an extremely partisan government.”

Sorry Andrea, fixing the gay marriage problem isn’t what America vote for this time. What can you say to someone who didn’t think Gingrich, Bush, Cheney, Delay and Michele Bachmann weren't partisan?

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