Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fred Barnes Admits Katherine Harris Obstructed Vote in Florida While Criticizing Franken/Coleman Race

Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been so unimpressive an elected official, I can't help but scratch my head wondering what the hell they're thinking up there in Lake Wobegon. He wonders out loud why most of the new vote counts are benefiting Al Franken, without thinking that maybe those votes were kept out because they WERE FOR Al FRANKEN.

Then we have Fox News' Fred Barnes beating the vote fraud myth anew with accusations that the Democratic Minn. Sec. of State is as wily and crooked as Katherine Harris. To his credit, Mort Kondracke reminds Barnes that making such a statement proves what Democrats have been saying for years about the fixed Bush/Gore 2000 election in Florida, that Harris really did obstruct the vote there. Dah!

You'll love the hypocrisy, and Kondracke's attempts to get Barnes to stop the Harris comparisons.

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