Monday, November 3, 2008

Voter Fraud Myth Strongly Supported by McCain Co-Chair AG Van Hollen Loses in Court

What could go wrong in a state like Wisconsin, where the McCain campaign co-chair is also the states Attorney General, and also a Republican who promised before he was elected to post poll watchers to guard against the voter fraud myth? Oh boy! Thank god he's not partisan.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported on Van Hollen's Tossed Lawsuit:

When the McCain campaign co-chair sued the Government Accountability Board in order to demand voter registration checks that would have made election day a logistical nightmare, he said he was just trying to keep the voting pure. Partisan motivations did not occur to him, claimed the state's top Republican official.

But, then, in an appearance on CNN, Van Hollen acknowledged that Republican operatives "may have asked lawyers in my office to file the lawsuit."

Now that the lawsuit has been tossed by a Dane County Circuit Court Judge, Van Hollen is taking a new tack. He says he will deploy more than 50 assistant attorneys general and state agents to polling places on Nov. 4. Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Joe Wineke is not happy with the AG's plan: After losing his hyper-partisan lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is now so desperate to influence the election that he has resorted to sending state prosecutors to intimidate voters at the polls at the expense of Wisconsin taxpayers.

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