Thursday, November 13, 2008

Republicans Don't Get It, Example 7: Santorum Blames Bush, Party's Message Still Relevant

I love Fox News for it's ability to get Republicans to open up and say what ever is on their pea sized brains. After all, their speaking to their own, so why not talk unfiltered shop in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Asked if the NY Times is right about the GOP moving more to the center, Rick Santorum laughed. After all, only those liberal Democrats need to move to the center, because they're so uncontrollably Marxist. According to the CLUELESS Santorum:

"It wasn't the issues of the Republican Party that was the problem. It was George Bush and his was a sense the economy was moving in the wrong direction. That's not at the core of the Republican message..."

That's right, Congress had nothing to do with the economy, budgets, war oversight and their own criminal activity. The core message was to cede power to the president, rubber stamp everything and vilify as traitors anyone who disents. Ahh what the hell, watch the clip.

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