Friday, November 14, 2008

Republican Mike Paul Has Fomula for Change, While Pat Buchanan Laughs. Are They Their Own Worst Enemy?

Chris Matthews had Republican strategist Mike Paul on to get his take on the direction the party might be taking after its two recent election drubbings. You know, what are some of the changes the Republican Party might have to make, to gain back any credibility in the future.

The old guard crazy Pat Buchanan tried in vain to convince Paul to get back to the roots of the Republican platform, ignoring the public signal that something has just gotta change, while rudely telling him to take a look at himself instead of the Grand Old Party. Paul articulated a promising message of change instead.

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  1. And just what was Paul's message besides "change" and a big tent"... both vague terms with zero substance.

    he says reach out to minorities, but what does he intend to reach out to them with? If the party moves any further to the left, why evening vote Republican since the party will be same as the Dems.

    While it is historic that Obama won, Dems are fooling themselves if they believe this was a mandate for Barack instead of an indictment of the not-so conservative polices of George Bush.

    Eventually the buzz words will fade and Americans will be left holding an empty bag.