Thursday, November 6, 2008

ACORN ad "Not This Time" Should, but Doesn't Sway, Fox News From Attacking Voter Fraud

It will be interesting to see how the Republicans continue to beat the voter fraud drum now that they were so roundly defeated, or at least came close to losing, in an election year the voters seemed to be catching on. It's true they're just like rabid dogs firmly biting down, and never giving up.

ACORN, in its defense, put together an incredibly moving ad. But not moving enough to stop Fox News from playing up the "their taking your vote away" angle. Republican brains always short circuit, turning themselves into quivering victims, whenever anyone suggests someone is taking something of theirs away i.e. taxes, taxes and their vote.

Election Law Attorney Cleta Mitchell envisions a lot of "what ifs" in arguing her case against ACORN. It's always what you don't see or know exists that may be out there stalking you at every turn. Think of all the phony names or dead people who might actually be voting many many times. You really can't be too sure either, because there's no way of knowing who's doing it, or for that matter who to catch.

Oh what the hell, I'll let the genius of Cleta Mitchell dazzle you with her Mad Hatter logic.

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