Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fox News Beats the Drum on Fairness and "Localism" in the Media

The panicking right wingers are not so subtly admitting that their lock on the radio airwaves is real, after years of denial, and they're not about to let the liberals cut into their 80 to 90 percent market share. So what do you do? Make something up, of course.

Brit Hume is somewhat dismissive about the "fairness doctrine," but is concerned about something called "localism." Localism is nothing more than a simple federally mandated on air radio presence in a community. They are supposed to serve the people there. In return, the airwaves in those markets are free to the broadcasters to use, so they can make money, while serving the greater good. Local hurricanes, tornado's, natural disasters and amber alerts can be initiated immediately. Sounds a little like socialism, doesn't it?

To the Republicans, this public concern is overblown, and may upset the status qua dominance on the radio. Panic about fairness pretty much says it all. Remember too, it affects liberal talk as well, and that might pose the bigger threat to conservatives. Instead of being allowed to make things up without any analysis, their biggest fear are FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS. They will have to explain themselves, along with their big ideas. Talker Laura Ingraham mentions an obscure and ridiculous sounding bill called the Broadcaster Fairness Act, prohibiting the FCC from prescribing rules, regulations, or policies that would reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Are they trying to be funny?

Still, on the 45 top-rated talk radio stations, there were 310 hours of conservative talk and only five hours of talk from liberals in 2004. That sounds fair.

Fox News stirs the pot....

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