Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catholic Bishops: “Help, Obama is Attacking the Church. Close down Our Hospitals for the Sick, Quick!”

After so many years of legal abortions, suddenly the Catholic Church feels Democrats are about to attack their religion on the abortion issue. These elitist authoritarian crusaders of God not only look like crazy right wingers, but have decided that their religion sure would make a nice political party. I hope this whole issue of abortion finally forces its members to say enough is enough, we’re outa’ here.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Faced with an incoming president who promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, an expansion of abortion rights, the nation's Catholic bishops are drawing a line in the sand.

"If the election is interpreted as a referendum on abortion, the unity desired by President Obama and all Americans at this moment of crisis will be impossible to achieve. Aggressively pro-abortion policies and legislation will permanently alienate tens of millions of Americans and would be interpreted by many Catholics as an attack on
the church."

Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Chicago, who is also an attorney, drew applause when he warned that passage of the Freedom of Choice Act could force the church to close all of its hospitals rather than sell them to someone who would offer abortions. "I do not think I'm being alarmist in suggesting the need to take such drastic steps," he said. "We need to be prepared to respond in the face of increasingly militant threats to unborn life."
While missing the point that any public health facility provides services equally, putting hospitals out of commission would harm the innocent, a problem these sick Catholics don’t seem to concerned about.

Moving further into the fringe, the Catholic church also didn’t like to encouraging people, Democrats, to vote for the leader of the church’s attackers.

Auxiliary Bishop Roger Morin of New Orleans, whose subcommittee oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, said that it had suspended all funding to ACORN in June after learning that ACORN had covered up a $1 million embezzlement eight years ago. Although a forensic audit has found that no funds from the bishops were embezzled, his subcommittee voted this week to end ACORN funding permanently. " Our concerns are over financial accountability, organizational performance and political partisanship," he said.

That’s funny. I was saying the same thing about priest molestations, not to mention the churches cover-up and inaction dealing with these sex perverts five, ten even 30 years ago. I guess maybe we should treat them like ACORN and withdraw our religious affiliation to these Catholic thugs and partisans.

What’s that about an eye for eye…
Latest: Nov. 13- USA Today:
GREENVILLE, S.C. — A priest at St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Greenville has told parishioners that those who voted for Barack Obama placed themselves under divine judgment because of his stance on abortion and should not receive Holy Communion until they've done penance.

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