Sunday, March 19, 2017

Patient + Private Business = Doctor? What's wrong with this equation?

Republican rhetoric is filled with "buying" insurance, the one thing that has nothing to do with treating sick people or promote prevention.

So we're not asking the most obvious question; why are we inserting a for profit business between a doctor and their patient? Think about how odd that is. And yet Republicans think this is normal, a sign of freedom?  

Actually, Republicans are just defending freedom and liberty. It's that natural born God give freedom to buy things, or not buy things.
1. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker tried and failed to make protesters buy a license to protest.

2. That's why they supposedly hate corporate boycotts, because it's unfair and asks people not to buy things.

3. It also explains why money is speech, because it buys things. 
Their anger is all starting to make sense; not being able to buy big gulps, incandescent light bulbs, guns, and now...being forced to buy health insurance? Goodbye freedom and liberty.

24 million people may lose their ability to buy affordable health insurance, but that's not a Republican concern. What's really important is having the freedom and liberty to buy or not buy insurance. 

Or how about the freedom to raise money on your own to help pay your medical costs:
A GoFundMe page that aims to help the family has raised nearly $90,000 in less than three weeks. The money will be used to cover medical costs and efforts to help him adapt to life without appendages.
Car washes and bake sales anyone?

Insurers will have total control over the price of health care services, not the free market. NOTE: A single payer system, where we can see any doctor or go to any hospital, actually does create competition between providers, right? 

Where am I wrong here? Why have we plopped a for profit middle man between a doctor and their patient. Is this really the place for someone to make a profit?

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