Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easy Paul Ryan Health Care Plan Fact Checking...He Lies!!!

Fact checking Paul Ryan could become a full time job for me.

1. Here's a few easy fact checks that anyone with a passing knowledge of health care would know. Paul Ryan says...:
“It repeals Obamacare's taxes. That's a trillion dollars in tax relief for families that will help them with the cost of health care.
Wow, wrong! Imagine tax relief for these families needing help paying the cost of health care: 
It "primarily affects high earners making over $200,000 as an individual or $250,000 as a family), large businesses making over $250,000 and those with 50 or more full-time equivalents, and the health care industry. There's a Medicare Tax on investment income; 3.8% over $200k/$250k.
Is that you, barely making ends meet? Please.

2. ObamaCare is paid for through the above taxes. When it spends, it does not create deficits. In fact it will cut the US debt in the future...kiss that goodbye. So is the following really a bragging point?: 
It repeals Obamacare spending: Medicaid expansion and the Obamacare subsidies.
3. Health care before the ACA was bankrupting our country because the uninsured seeking medical care made our monthly premiums every year skyrocket and hospitals lost billions. Now under the guise of "freedom and liberty" and the free market, we're going back to those days. Yes, the uninsured will make everybody's health care costs skyrocket: 
It repeals the Obamacare mandates on individuals and businesses.
4. Finally, Ryan's miracle "refundable tax credit," or just another way of saying the "Obama tax subsidy." They are exactly the same, no kidding. Ryan would have think he's just performed a miracle. It would be funny if it wasn't so intentionally deceptive...and a crown jewel at that:
Ryan described one aspect of the proposal, providing tax benefits to those who purchase insurance individually versus those who receive it through their job:
"It equalizes the tax treatment of health care. Tax credits for health insurance is something that we as health care conservative reformers have been working on for years. This has been the crown jewel of conservative health care reform, to equalize the tax treatment of health care so we can have a vibrant individual market to have a free market in health care."
Besides the immoral bankrupt nature of profiting off sick people who need care, which is inexcusable all by itself, this horrific dangerous killer plan will fail. And when it does, let's put Ryan's own words on his health care headstone:
“This is monumental, exciting, conservative reform that fixes these problems. This is what we've been dreaming about doing, and we know it's going to make a positive difference in people's lives in this country."

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