Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Republicans give up their Voters privacy, offer up your Surfing to Businesses that are always getting Hacked!!!

Where are conservative radio fear mongers now? Am I dreaming or are these typically paranoid small government "leave me alone" voters okay with having their internet surfing stolen and spread out to businesses that are always getting hacked? 

Heck, thanks to Republican sellouts and Trump, anyone can get your information now for a few bucks, all your information open for the hackers.

Maybe the Republican and Democratic Party can get this public information and target you everywhere you go, or threaten you from running for office or voting differently with incriminating information.
The House on Tuesday voted in favor of blocking internet privacy rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year, sending the bill to President Trump, who is expected to sign it into law.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, Your broadband provider knows deeply personal information about you and your family – where you are, what you want to know, every site you visit, and more. They can even track you when you’re surfing in a private browsing mode. You deserve to be able to insist that those intimate details be kept private and secure.”
Republican voters are good with this? Really?
ACLU legislative counsel Neema Singh Giuliani said, “It is extremely disappointing that Congress is sacrificing the privacy rights of Americans in the interest of protecting the profits of major internet companies including Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon.
In a major down-the-rabbit-hole twist on logic, defending "economic growth" known as profits....
“Today’s action is another step to remove unnecessary rules and regulations that handicap economic growth and innovation, and moves the country one step closer to ensuring that consumers’ private information is protected uniformly across the entire internet ecosystem," countered Jonathan Spalter, CEO of USTelecom.
But Pelosi countered with this...
“Americans learned last week that agents of Russian intelligence hacked into e-mail accounts to obtain secrets on American companies, government officials and more,” Pelosi wrote in letters to 11 companies.

“This resolution would not only end the requirement you take reasonable measures to protect consumers’ sensitive information, but prevents the FCC from enacting a similar requirement and leaves no other agency capable of protecting consumers.”

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  1. Trump promised to cut crime. If he signs this bill he will have done so by making identity theft legal. Environmental law violations are down since he legalized air and water polution. Expect great reductions in white collar crime and consumer fraud cases. The NRAGOP have decreased illegal gun sales by legalizing them. Crime
    statistics will go down dramatically along with our safety. They will campaign on the former and hide the latter.

    And ethics law violations in the Trump circus...we don't need no damn ethics laws.