Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superintendent Tony Evers' challenger Holtz a drooling anti-Common Core tool of the Legislature.

You're in big trouble if you're running for state superintendent and you're still complaining about the "federal intrusion" of Common Core and the now discontinued Badger Exam (based on Common Core).

Tony Evers' challenger Lowell Holtz used the common trick of pointing out a district opposed to CC. Usually the problem is based something else, like convoluted local district policies and requirements that teachers are opposed to. Common Core standards have no such requirements but are blamed anyway.

And instead of working with the 400 school district that have adopted Common Core, Holtz said he would work with the legislature. Amazing.

The normally laid back Tony Evers had had enough, asking him what Common Core standard he didn't like. "Federal intrusion" was Holtz's answer, which of course has nothing to do with Common Core and is not a federal program. From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

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