Tuesday, March 14, 2017

High Deductibles or Health Savings Account = Huge out-of-pocket costs under TrumpCare making Insurance unaffordable.

Not many reporters know enough about the ACA, or health care in general, but CNN's Bob Acosta does.

Sean Spicer scrambled at today's press briefing after getting peppered with legitimate questions and criticisms of the GOP health care plan and the CBO's devastating report.

Throughout the debate, Spicer continued to bash the ACA's high deductibles, clueless to the fact that the GOP plan leans on them heavily on them. They're called "Health Savings Accounts." HSA's don't automatically come with thousands of dollars in them. It's not a pot of gold at the end of Paul Ryan's rainbow. Americans everywhere will have to put the money in them, just like deductibles, cash they probably won't have. Again, it's no different than being stuck paying a high deductible. Spicer continues to use the words "product" and "buy" as well. Our health is not a product.

By the way, the White Houses Office of Management and Budget did project how many people would lose insurance, 26 million, more than the CBO. Spicer denied they did, "not something OMB does," at the end of the clip. He lied.

The Director of Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, treated health savings accounts like they're already filled with money, that they are somehow completely different from high deductibles. You'd think he would know better. Both require out-of-pocket costs that make health insurance unaffordable. Note: The ACA also provided an extra subsidy to help low income families pay for deductibles and copays, dramatically reducing them:

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