Monday, March 27, 2017

Gravel Roads supporters want to reelect Scott Walker.

Maybe if town leaders just gave up they're iPhones they could afford to pave their roads?

"Have I got a pothole for you..."
Scott Walker and his band of plundering legislative pirates are still planning on cutting taxes, even though we're paying more just so we can pay less. I'm already on the hook for costly front end repairs on my van because of our disintegrating roads. We don't pay for our parks anymore, K-12/UW funding is ridiculously low, the DNR has ceded control to Madison legislators, and local control has given way to one size fits all regulation.  

And if rural resentment gave us the Republican majority, than the added resentment over property value killing gravel roads will keep voters coming back for more...or will it? The easy and obvious solution to increase the gas tax isn't an option for our career politician and governor. WPR:
Wisconsin roads are in rough shape and some roads in northern Wisconsin communities are being turned from pavement to gravel. Town of Lakeside Chairman Tom Johnson said the town has about four miles of road that were previously blacktop.
“Probably in a couple years, we won’t have any blacktop. We have maybe two-and-a-half miles remaining of blacktop and that’ll be all gravel.” 
Town of Clover Chair Beverly Steele said the town also worries about the potential for lawsuits. 
"Pavement increases the value of properties along the pavement. If we de-pave a road, it’s possible that a property owner or owners could sue us for not maintaining the road in the condition that it is.”
Town and village leaders say they’d like to see the state increase the gas tax or licensing fees to help provide more road funding. 

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