Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ryan: ObamaCare won't exist in 10 years, so CBO can't compare it to his Plan?

The CBO simply projected what seniors would be paying on ObamaCare 10 years out, and what they would be paying for Trump/RyanCare 10 years out.

Trying to calculate projected costs is nothing new. But that didn't stop Paul Ryan from saying that because ObamaCare was collapsing and wouldn't be around, it was wrong to make that comparison. Uh, no.

I wish Ryan hadn't filibustered Fox News' Chris Wallace, who was trying to confronted Ryan on his trip down the rabbit hole of reasoning.

Even former governor Jan Brewer was repulsed:

“It just really affects our most vulnerable, our elderly, our disabled, our childless adults, our chronically mentally ill, our drug addicted. It will simply devastate their lives and the lives that surround them. Because they’re dealing with an issue which is very expensive to take care of as a family with no money.”

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