Monday, March 27, 2017

Forget guns, Walker says, blame murders on "crime," "domestic dispute, mental issues." He does know people can hear him, right?

Did Scott Walker NOT get the memo or read the paper when his party gave the mentally ill the right to own guns? It was a big story nationally:

The House of Representatives voted to overturn an Obama-era rule that banned Social Security beneficiaries from buying guns if their disability payments are handled by an outside party due to their “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.”
Can't Use Guns/Mental Illness Talking Point Anymore!!!! Walker's sociopathic nonchalance about gun carnage should be more disturbing to voters:
WPR: Gov. Scott Walker said guns were not the issue in this week's high-profile shootings ... Four people, including a police officer, were killed Wednesday just outside Wausau (in) a domestic incident. In Milwaukee, a city housing inspector died Wednesday afternoon, during what police say was an attempted carjacking.

"I think the problem in both those cases isn't about the firearm. It's ultimately about crime, or in the case of north central Wisconsin, it was a domestic dispute ... there's "obviously more work" to do if the Wausau-area shootings are linked to mental health issues.
I am seriously waiting for the day Walker and his fellow Republicans shift the blame to the real reason behind gun violence: guns!!! But what's behind the use of guns to solve problems? Well, mental illness is less of reason for the gun carnage than this; "intermittent explosive disorder." In other words, a lack of anger management:
The one relevant diagnosis is intermittent explosive disorder, a disorder of anger management. Violent crimes committed by people with severe mental illnesses get a lot of attention, but such attacks are relatively rare. 

Paolo del Vecchio of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has said, “Violence by those with mental illness is so small that even if you could somehow cure it all, 95 percent of violent crime would still exist” ... with significant encouragement from the gun lobby, the public has begun to seize on the wrong explanation for tragic, violent events. They focus not on the IED-diagnosed patients but on those with other diagnoses, schizophrenia in particular, ignoring the fact that what the perpetrators have in common in every single one of these cases is a loss of control of their anger. 

No effort is being made to address the much broader cultural problem of anger management. This broader problem encompasses not just mass murders but violence toward children and spouses, rape, road rage, assault, and violent robberies. We are a culture awash in anger. Uncontrolled anger has become our No. 1 mental health issue. We have sought scapegoats in minority cultures, racial groups, and now the mentally ill. 
But it all gets back to the freedom and liberty every American is craving for; the freedom to buy guns.

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